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Medicinal and Magickal Herbalism and Aromatherapy
Ryea Wyndhorse's
Herbal Compendium
Sage (next up)

~~more herbs will be added as time permits.I'll try to type up a new one every week or two. just keep checking back :-)~~


Disclaimer: Typical dosages suggested are dosages taken from my various references (see below). I may not always have the chance to test them personally. The information given in this section are provided for your education and guidance only. Therefore, it is always wise to approach anything, especially if ingested orally, with caution. I suggest starting out with doses lower than that suggested and increasing only if you feel that there are no adverse effects. As with anything herbal, studies and tests are not yet as extensive as allopathic (Western) medications. It may be noted though that even Western medications are not always safe either.

The best situation before taking any herbal medications would be to be under the supervision of a qualified Herbalist or Naturopathic Doctor. But since I understand that we occasionally must take some matters into our own judgement due to certain circumstances, information given here will be useful. However, I reiterate that you should use any herbal preparation judiciously and cautiously. Learn to listen to your body. The preparations suggested here should NOT take the place of allopathic medications especially in more serious medical conditions. Wholistic healing is more of a gentle preventive and remedy rather than drastic curative. So try to always lead a healthy lifestyle. :-)



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Various Internet sources---I would like to detail all of them but in my zeal to squirrel away all the info, I have lost some of the addresses where I accessed it. To those who may be affected, I sincerely apologize. Please notify me in I have inadvertently infringed. I would gladly add put credits ASAP of take it down if need be. Thank you.