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The contents of these pages contain a collection of things I have picked up from other people and places (both in person, by book or in the web) that I have contributed to my spirituality and that I feel might help my others in their quest for Wisdom and Balance. It also contains materials that I have formulated myself or revised from other sources.

Right now these pages are far (far away...!) from completion but I shall try to do it bit by bit as time permits…thanks for your patience and come back every once in a while to see updates. Whenever you come back, I suggest you hit the RELOAD button just to make sure you're seeing the latest version of the page.

My Book Blessing - this is my book blessing for my actual Book of Light and Shadows (the handwritten one). My Wicca teacher, Ingold, made this an assignment for us to do. There is an English version and in a moment of inspired patriotism, I also made a Tagalog version. I hope my old highschool Pilipino teacher can forgive me for it :-) Maybe when I get inspired enough, I shall make one for the web edition as well.


Section 1.Book of Light

Basic Wiccan Principles  
Sacred Space - altar, circle casting, other sacred places and spaces
Spirituality Studies- Chakras, Yoga, Caballa, Mantra
Herbalism: Medicinal and Magickal
Tarot and other Forms of Divination


Section 2. Book of Shadows

The Kitchen Witch's Corner
Magickal Mixes and Brews
Some Pagan Songs




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