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The picture-perfect pretty kitten here is this cat Momma favorite pet.

Ashley is a male, solid cream Persian. He's currently 8 months old and is a sweet and loving guy. He was born in January of this year and I took him home from a local breeder last April 01, April Fool's Day. Perhaps it is just as well because he has made the whole family "fool" in love with him... :-)


This is my favorite kitten picture of Ashley.

We we first had him, he's very skittish and cries (mews!) a lot. He hates being in unfamiliar places. Just being places in a different room in the house make him nervous. It took him about 2 months to adjust to his new home (our house).

Now, this is how he looks at eight months old.

And to this cat momma's eyes, he looks very handsome indeed!... He's not uptight anymore and is now very sweet and relaxed... I think, maybe, too relaxed...see the picture below...

SARrrapP kagatiiin...!!!

This couch used to be MINE...

We bought it just before the birth of the last (human) baby so I could nurse her here. Now it seems there are NEW owners...

What's curious is that each of the cats own a part of the chair. Toxic (the other cat not shown here) always sleeps on the top of the headrest. Ashley has sequestered the seat itself and Purrkins (as shown here) always stays on the legrest.

I, on the other hand, need to buy a new couch...


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