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This is a common exclamation around the house...usually accompanied by a loud yell..."NO!... Mozart! NO!..."

This big guy is a mischievous troublemaker albeit a lovable one. He almost always steals food from the kids' hand...usually as they are looking away while talking to somebody or being unattentive while eating their food on the table as kids sometimes are. Mozart just knows how to grab the opportune time to take a bite out of their sandwiches or swipe the chicken leg off their plate.


This is how Mozart tries to get food from off the table...he sorts of squeezes in his head in the space under your elbow, gives yours arm an upward push and he's in your plate...good thing Gab's finished eating...BAD DOG!...

tHiS is A cOloREd peNciL skeTch I dRew of Moz. Ok bA? It aiN't muCh, but then aGaiN...iT's one of my eArly ATtemPtS at learning how to sketch so haPpY nA riN aKo.

Mozart is playful 2-year-old Golden Retriever who has been with us since he was 4 months. I don't how much he weighs now but he's really heavy (probably over 30 kilos) so much so that when he steps on your foot, it hurts. He may be 2 but he is far from being mature as most Goldens are...he's so hyperactive. But he's really a gentle giant and does not hurt any of the other animals in the house. But I keep little kittens away from him just the same because be can unwittingly injure them with his playfulness and bravado. He is a jealous dog too and cannot bear to have Tiffany, the other dog, play with his masters without him interfering and giving Tiff a rough nudge.

Despite his overly enthusiastic nature and often irritating mischief, the family and the kids love him because he is really a sweet, cuddly guy. Handsome dog. too. Even the kitchen cats likes sleeping on top of him and occasionally, even the kids.


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