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Sorry, this is the best picture I can get my hands on. I don't have too many. I am usually the one behind the camera instead of in front of it. I'm sure you don't want to see to much of me anyway :-) This is just to satisfy the curiosity of some.

Chant for Inner Strength
I call the light of golden rays
I seek protection thus, I pray

for heavenly forces at my side

angels, sages, spirit guides

or wolves who walk with cunning skill

Come to my aid!

Come at my will!

Black bird soaring light my path

so I am victim to no one's wrath!

And when my journey knows success,

all those who aid me

Goddess bless!

(by Autumn Raindancer)

Answers to Questions that may be running through your curious head:

1) What kind of name is Ryea Wyndhorse? That is not the name I know you by!

Ryea Wyndhorse is a "magickal name" or "craft name". Most witches/pagans have a second (or third or fourth) name. Unlike names given to us by our parents over which we do not have a choice, magickal names are usually chosen by the owner themselves. Usually it is symbolic. Of course, not that I do not like my real life name, it's just that my magickal name signifies my persona that is dedicated to spirituality.

2) So, why did you chose this name?

'Ryea' originates from rune symbols as follows:
R is Raidho = journey or quest

Y is Jera = harvest, or a turning of a cycle, a karmic reward

E is Ehwaz = a symbol for horse (my totem animal), also means energy or power to send

A is Ansuz = a symbol for leader or mind & body balance or the end of the journey that starts with a new cycle.

'Wyndhorse' is a derivation of windhorse.It is a Tibetan translation for lung'ta. It is said to be the self-existing energy of basic goodness that can be ridden like a horse. Mentally, it is cultivated in one's life by raising 'wind' energy through developing kindness, compassion and wisdom. Physically, windhorse is raised by respecting the environment and recognizing the power of the elements. Pure motivation is also said to be windhorse. Raising windhorse through physical and mental means is warriorship in Shambala teachings.

Windhorse is also related to karma. Whatever we do, we earn the results. Karma is a basic tenet that I believe in. On top of that, Horse is my primary totem animal. Horse is my guide and inspires strength and the warrior in me. Horse is tattooed on my back way before i was even aware of totems and mystical stuff like this :-) 

To sum it up, this name symbolizes my quest and my ultimate goal in spirituality.

3) You mean you're a witch?! Do you cast evil spells?

Actually being a witch means much more than just casting spells. Magick (spelled with 'k' to distinguish from stage magic) or spells is just a very small part of the religion that is witchcraft. I have a section on this so check it out. As for the evil part...well, most witches abide by harm none and the threefold law, so NO, I do not cast 'evil' spells because I believe in what is commonly called karma.

4) Ahhh, so you're a white witch!

Well, the truth is, magick is magick and there is no black or white about it. But witches are just people, and just like in the mundane world, there are good and bad people. It's very hard to discuss morality here as I believe that morality is relative. So if you mean to ask if I do not do 'dark' magick stuff (for lack of a better term), you're right, I don't. Aside from my being a sissy about karma, I don't believe I can handle it yet.

5) Hmmm, since were friends, can you do a few spells for me? I'd like to make somebody fall in love with me and I'd like my boss to promote me.

Uhhhh....I would sincerely like to help you but I do not do spells like that. I am one of those witches who believe in not influencing somebody else's decisions and/or actions. It is considered a violation of The Witches Rede which I follow. If it is indeed warranted, I can possibly help you with something else, like a spell for attractiveness or a protection charm to help deflect negativity or a even money spell if you really need it.

6) If you can do that, why aren't you rich yet?

For one, money isn't important to me anymore. It's not my main goal in life. The pursuit of happiness, wisdom and balance is. For course, I could use some occasionally (who doesn't?), and I do or don't do :-( , what I can. But one cannot always have what one wants. It is up to the universe and the gods to send you what you really need. One can ask for it through spells, much like praying for something one desires. Besides, I am more of a green witch than a mage.

7) Now, what is a green witch and what is a mage?

Right now, my interest lies more in the area of herbalism or green witchery. This is more of what witches of yore are anyways. They are attributed with all sorts of magickal powers when what they usually have are knowledge of herbal medicine and what may be presently known as vibrational therapies. But that's another discussion so I shall tackle that sometime in another part of this website.

Magery or mystical magickal works are not my arena (yet!) and although it interests me, it is not my priority. Perhaps when I do learn, I can turn you into a toad for asking too many questions. <kidding...kidding!>

If you have any other questions regarding my beliefs or would simply like to learn more, I shall be glad to indulge your curiosity for as long as you are not obnoxious about asking it. Just email me and I shall email you back.

If you are of a different path or faith, please try to keep an open mind and do not pass judgment on things or people that you do not have thorough understanding of. There is no reason why we cannot co-exist peacefully.

Please do not try to convert me to your faith. I am not trying to convert you to mine. Those from the same spiritual path that I follow believe that Spirit shall call you to the path you are destined to walk. Diversity in humanity makes living on our planet interesting. So no matter what color, sex, age, or religion we belong to, we are still bound by the same Spirit. What we need to do is simply respect each other beliefs. If anything, what we should do is help each other grow as what we individually are. 


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