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Basic Wiccan Principles

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Basic Wiccan Principles

I am sure you might have read some of these from other sites or books but it seems to me that this place just wouldn't be complete without including these principles because it is part of who I am and what I believe in. Besides, not everyone can afford to buy all the books in the bookstores that are needed for your study of Wicca and Magick or have all the internet time to surf around to dig up these info. So consider this page a handy and concise reference to the basics.

If you consider yourself a witch or pagan and you haven't read any of these yet, I think it would serve you well to at least know about them whether you decide to subscribe to these beliefs or not. It most certainly helps to expand your horizons intellectually to assist you in your spiritual quests because Mind and Spirit, together with Body are always tied together.

If you are not Pagan, Wiccan, or a Witch, then I invite you to read these principles as well while trying to keep you prejudices at bay. You will then gain insight to this wonderful path that some people of the same world that you inhabit follow. I can assure you that we believe in the same God although this Divine Being may be perceived differently by other people than you do. It will not harm you to know about these matters. If you are so, uhhh..."anal-retentive" (how much more politically correct can I get than that! But in layman's term, i believe the right term is "tight-assed") as to think it will harm you to read these things, then you are so severely limiting yourself and I can't pity you any more than I already do. God does not limit man, only we do it to ourselves.


Om Shanti. Blessings of Peace and Balance to you!

1. The Wiccan Rede (short form and long form)
2. Harm None Rule
3. The Threefold Law
4. Ethics by Rachel Raymond
5. The Charges
6. The Sabbats & Esbats
7. 13 Goals of a Witch by Scott Cunningham
8. The 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief
9. The Wiccan Book of the Law
10. Tips for Solitary Witches by Jim Garrison
11. Pagan and Craft Traditions
12. Magick Spelled Out
13. Finding Power Without Tripping Over It by Volute
Other Spiritual Principles and Beliefs that are NOT Wiccan or Witchcraft-related (coming soon)