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A Personal Note to My Friends & Family


A lot of the visitors of this site would probably be my friends and peers. Most of them might be surprised at the content of these 

pages. Some of you would have wonderfully open minds and would not really care whatever I believe in. But who I am worried 

about are the associates I have who are so devoutly Christian or those who have unfounded misconceptions who might get

unnecessarily spooked. I am worried about those who have the potential to wreak some damage on me or my loved ones or my 

business and might just take some form of inappropriate action just because they can. I know of stories where this has happened 

and how good people become too moralistic. I heard fo how they forget in their religious zealousness that they are practicing the 

religious prejudice that they themselves thought they fight against.

So I shall try to answer the questions that would most likely be on their minds and elucidate as clearly as I can some of the 

principles and beliefs that I now subscribe to. I am not attempting to proselytize because I myself hate to be preached to. I do not 

desire to make anyone else believe in the things that I do.  I feel that one is lead to one's path by the Divine with or without the 

intervention of people who make it their life's mission to 'help' people find their religion. 

Within these pages, I hope to provide information that might clarify certain matters so that they may understand me and others like 

myself better. All I ask of you, my friends and peers and family, is to suspend judgement and open your mind while you are 

reading these pages. I am still the same person that you have always known. If you have known me for a long time, way before I 

discovered this path, you probably like me even better now than you have before. I know I do. And that is what is ultimately 

important  anyway.  So please do not pass judgement on me (or others) for my spiritual beliefs. Prejudice and bigotry even 

under the veils of moral or religious principles are not very admirable qualities. Nor are they traits smiled upon by the God that we 

believe in. 

And why do I try to explain? Because I want to finally ease myself out of the 'broom closet'. And this is one way I know how. 

May the truth truly set me free.




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