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  Meandering Musings - Introduction


I am an Arian with a Gemini Moon. I was born on a 28th meaning, according to numerology, my life number is a 1. Therefore I haverelatively fiery personality and a volatile mind. These characteristics probably give me my inability to think in a linear fashion. Most of the time, my mind cannot pause long enough on particular train of thought for too long. On top of that I am not very eloquent. I do not have the wit and verve with words that some of my friends possess which I envy a lot. My grammar is not always correct, as some of you might have noticed already. But that, of course, does not stop me from trying to put down to paper the thoughts, reflections, or insights that come across my effervescent mind. (Hah!)

You have been forewarned. Read on if you must. But please hold your criticism in check as they are not attempts at literary masterpieces. These pages are mostly for myself anyway as they reflect my development (in part). I found that, like my non-electronic journals (yes, I have RE-learned how to write with pen and paper !) these webpages help me see how I am going and growing along my path

Another reason for putting up these pages is that some of you may be like myself, seeking to find another soul who thinks these same thoughts. It may help serve as an affirmation that you are not alone, not crazy, or at the very least, not alone in being crazy :-) I have been lucky enough to find some of my kind of people and I can tell you that it takes a lot of load off my already overloaded mind to think that some of the thoughts that I thought was weird was not really that weird after all. How can it be weird when those same thoughts that I have been thinking were already thought of waaaay before me by a lot other people to the point that they already had names for them So go ahead and take a look at my musings and my translations of the things that I have uncovered in this journey of life and spirit. I hope you enjoy them despite their grammatical infractions. They are not intended to be literary classics anyway. Just bits and pieces of my soul that I am sharing with you.



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