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(for Ryea Wyndhorse's Book of Light and Shadows 27 June 2000, Tuesday, 8:00 pm)

This Book is a record of things gone past

Things of the present and things yet to pass

May it serve as a guide for its holder, here and now

May it start a tradition to my children I'll endow.


O Goddess, since I found You my days are so rich

With Your wisdom and Your bounty which I constantly seek

This Book is a manuscript of the magick that I found

In living a life where Your blessings abound


My God, You who guide the other half of my existence

I thank You that for awakening me to the Goddess's presence

You are the Balance and the Spirit that provides

Protection for this Book and for the rest of my life.


Let no being touch this Book who is not deserving

To know its contents and the secrets It is keeping

For if they who are unworthy ever try to peek within

Shall find they have started something they didn't wish to begin!


And may those who are graced with the opportunity to view

These pages that contain my spiritual stew

May you benefit from the spells that this Witch had to brew

And may enlightenment be the Great Spirit's gift to you.


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